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Residential Solar install

When deciding to install solar systems and make your home viable in terms of energy consumption, having a business that is dedicated to ensuring a successful switch with solutions tailored for you is the best you can do. That is what you will find at Amazon Solar, one of the right places to look for residential solar installs. Our affordable residential solar installs are completed by experienced professionals who ensure quality control and long-term viability and all this is available at very accessible prices. Amazon Solar is ready to make your home self-sufficient with our custom residential solar installs. We have extensive experience designing solutions that will improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce electricity bills, and a guarantee return on investment.

We can design a solar system that will generate enough electricity for your home and still be in harmony with the aesthetic of your home. We have over 14 years of experience in this field, and we take pride in supplying the best residential solar installs in Australia. We offer solar energy solutions for all budgets. We provide a detailed proposal that outlines the financial benefits of solar as well as quick pay-back periods. Our qualified solar designers and installers will develop the most efficient solar solution for your home.

Our residential solar installs are designed for all types of homes, from small houses to large properties that need a more powerful solar system to feed them energy through the day. We will develop the most efficient solar solution for your house and make sure we complete a clean installation process. We have the experience required to carry out a successful job and optimised every aspect of a solar system installation to cover the expectations of our customers. Speak to us today if you want to know everything about our residential solar installs.

Some of our projects

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